Balsamic Vinegars

Aceto Balsamico di Modena 1.10 density

Selected concentrated Trevino and Lambrusco grape must

Cooked must & Wine Vinegar

Well balanced taste and marked acidity

Caramelized fruit sugar aroma

Natural Brown color

100% Natural. No colorants or other chemical ingredients are used.

Wine vinegar, cooked grape must.

16.9 fl. oz.

Recommended for

  • Salad

  • Meat

  • Fish

Balsamic Vinegar

  • PONS selects this distinctive vinegar elaborated by using the finest essences from genuine sources cultivated and processed in the region of Modena, Italy.
    Obtained exclusively from grape must , is cooked for a long time in order to get a nice natural brown colour and an scent of caramelized fruit sugar that gives to this Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena I.G.P character and pleasant acidity.
    Is decanted into wooden casks for a slow and careful aging process. With 6º acidity, PONS Balsamic Vinegar brings an exciting combination of sweetness and bitterness.

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