Smoked Spanish Paprika Product Line

Pons Smoked Paprika Hot, Sweet and Bittersweet

Jaranda, Jeromín and Bola variety

Wooden smoked

Eight stone mills in a line

Very aromatic and rich color

Spanish paprika

2.5 oz.

Recommended for

  • Chicken

  • Meats

  • Pasta

  • Eggs

Smoked Spanish Paprika Product Line

  • PONS carefully selects the best pimientos grown to produce sweet and hot smoked paprikas. Oak wood contributes to the necessary amount of heat and smoke to dehydrate and provide the smoked flavor to the peppers. This is a main ingredient for sausages, chorizos and an exceptional spice for barbecues, marinades, sauces, meats, seafoods, pasta, eggs and unique recipe ideas.

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