Saffron, an exquisite spice

18 Enero 2016 | Spanish Pantry

Saffron is the exquisite and much appreciated spice that flavors our dishes; from paella to the finest Italian risotto. Saffron is characterized by its bitter taste and distinctive aroma. It comes from a beautiful flower (Crocus sativus), a delicate species that needs to be planted in a calcareous clay soil, which quickly filters the rainwater.


In the heart of Catalonia (Spain) our family farm brings together these fine characteristics; for this reason we have grown and cultivated on the farm, crocuses which make our saffron, that grow among our olive trees. They are plants that after a process of "manipulation" make a distinguished place for PONS organic Saffron. After several harvests and seeing the excellent result, we have discovered that our method conjoined with the climate and land is an ideal place for planting the saffron flower, as well as other plants with similar characteristics.



During the month of October we start manually collecting the flower, which continues until the end of the month. We obtain our saffron thanks to the meticulous and labor intensive work of extraction and separation of the stigmata (the delicate red strands of the plant). Under the supervision of the PONS family, the saffron is roasted delicately.



Did you know?

· 150 flowers are needed to get a gram of Saffron
· The saffron flower is collected every day and especially during the early morning hours when the sun has not yet heated to prevent wilting flowers
· Due to its high economic worth it has been called red gold



Organic PONS Saffron has extraordinary characteristics that brings all of the senses alive, and a deep red color, equally intense as the aroma and flavor. Do you know what the health benefits are? Saffron has many qualities, among the most important are:


· That it is shown to improve memory and cognitive skills 
· It is a powerful natural antioxidant that slows the aging of the body's cells to improve overall health 
· It is recommended to promote the digestion of food 
· May help lower cholesterol 
· Its high antioxidant power it can be a beneficial supplement for people with diabetes 
· Helps fight nervousness and anxiety, a good source for people who suffer stress


On a gastronomical level, PONS organic Saffron offers a unique flavor and color to meals. It paints Mediterranean dishes an attractive golden color and gives a unique aroma to culinary creations. It is often used in preparing rice, soups, sauces, desserts and even in drinks.




We hope you find this information interesting on this valuable and precious spice called "red gold". The PONS family grows natural and excellent quality Saffron. Do you still not use it in your kitchen?

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