It's the time of super fresh extra virgin olive oils

18 Enero 2016 | Extra Virgin Olive Oils

For gourmets and lovers of gastronomy, the onset of winter is a well-known and certain period in the calendar. This is why the first batches of the new oil harvest come to the market; the so-called "early harvest oil", "green oil" or "oil of the first Jet". 


Year after year we expect recurring moments in time; birthdays, spring, summer, Christmas... And the point is that these moments are what make us enjoy the small pleasures of life. For the Pons family, one of those moments that are expected every year for the last 4 generations, is the beginning of the new harvest of olive oil. A time characterized by the fragrance and aroma given by the olives in its first hours after being milled.



This early and long awaited extra virgin olive oil is obtained by the first collected olives of the harvest on our estate in l' Albagés (Lleida), before the arrival of the first frost of winter. The olives are of arbequina variety, which are of small size and intense green color. These olives are hand picked before reaching their peak of ripeness and are responsible in bringing freshness and liveliness to the oil.

Although the real secret that makes our oil is unique and incomparable, it is the preparation in our legendary stone mill. In it we produce only high end oils; oils to the delight of the most gourmet.

The end result of this process which is worked with care and family tradition, is an extra virgin olive oil with maximum expression, characterized by a deep green shade and a cool, powerful and penetrating aroma. Its taste is intense, fruity and with a touch of spice. A singular product, with lots of personality: an explosion of sensations for the palate.



Our goal is that when each bottle is opened, regardless in what part of the world, transmits the same flavor, aroma and sensations which, since 1945, diffuses the Pons family with their values: love of the land, respect for the production processes and tradition.


Did you know that...?

·    The green olives are even healthier than matured olives since they have higher levels of antioxidants (a necessity for our body).?

·    To make 1 liter of oil between 10 and 15 kg of olives is required, while to make wine, for example, it only requires between 1 and 2 kg of grapes.?

·    The performance of early harvest olives is 15% less than those gathered at peak maturation. Hence the secret of its intense flavor.


In Pons we have done our homework and already have our first early harvest oils on the market so, if your palate is the most demanding, we challenge you to try our Primum oil and our early harvest family reserve oil. Of course we look forward to your opinion on our social networks Facebook and Twitter ;)



"Pons oils, the taste of passion for the soil"

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