Citrus oils; innovative and unique aroma

18 Enero 2016 | Extra Virgin Olive Oils

For PONS it was not by accident that nature gave these specific fruits at this time of the year, surprisingly it is also when the first olives are picked. This was an opportunity for PONS to create and produce an innovative range of Citrics fruit oils with the coincidence of the crops.


In 2007 we started the production of Citric oils PONS and applied all of our knowledge, experience and technique into getting a range of oils that are unique and of highest quality.


We obtain the citrus olive oil with freshly Arbequina olives harvested from our family farm and grinding together oranges, lemons and clementines. The process is performed in a completely natural way in our stone mill, respecting the original and traditional cold extraction method. PONS Citric olive oils are made with 70% arbequina olives and containing 30% citric fruit.


A process of vibrant color and created with a burst of citric scent resulting in a very special product that combines the best of Arbequina Extra Virgin olive oil and essential oils that are produced with the citric peels. It is a product of outstanding taste and a unique aromaPONS Citric olive oils combines the benefits of Extra Virgin olive oil with the citric fruit health benefits such as antimicrobial, antidepressant and relaxing properties.


If you are asking yourself how you can use Pons Citric olive oils in the kitchen, it's easy! Accompany it with fruits, yogurts, cakes, desserts or use it as a condiment. It's a product that opens up horizons in the world of gastronomy and the culture of extra virgin olive oil.


Lemon Pons Citric olive oil

It is the ideal condiment for seafood, fish, vegetables, carpaccios and white meats, such as chicken.


Clementine Pons Citric olive oil

It is an exotic compliment for all kinds of salads, sweets, fruits and yogurts.


Orange Pons Citric olive oil

It is the perfect combination for salads, rice dishes, meats and chocolate.



You are invited to combine our PONS Citric olive oils products with your diet and tell us what you think on our Facebook page!Which of the three Pons Citric olive oils would you want to try?

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